Google Distance Calculator

Google Distance Calculator

A distance calculator is used to measure the distance between two different points and through the routes chosen for that specific journey. It may not be of a great help but at times it can have its own benefits.

Google has been introducing many new innovations and ground breaking techniques in order to facilitate its users and its admirers may have more to admire in Google. ecently, Google has introduced its google maps facility which uses satellite imaging as reference and the maps are made over it using the images as a reference. Through this, making maps for use by devices is relatively easy and Google has also made this project public meaning that a person can join this and provide with their own information about roads and naming them by using the real satellite's images.

Google has used this map service and can also tell an approximate distance between two points that the user may define. The distance can be shown in both miles and kilometer out of which, any one can be chosen that suites the user.

To use the service, one must visit the google maps website which is also simple and easy to use and understand. To take a start, find a location by manually dragging inside the map area of use the find option in the website which automatically shows the relevant area according to the place name entered. After getting to the desired place on the map, the place-marker tool can be used to mark the first area from where the distance is needed to be measured. An option for undoing the selection is also present in case a wrong place has been marked.

After the first mark, other places can be marked to which the distance needs to be measured. This feature can also be used to measure an approximate total distance for trip having multiple stops because the place marker tool offers the facility of choosing more than two points and the total added up distance would be displayed according to the points given.

To get as accurate and precise result as possible, it is advised to select the place after zooming into the map as much as possible so the nearest geographical place can be selected. Seeing from a far distance and selecting from such can select any place which may also be far away from the intended point and sometimes it may also be tens of kilometer.

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