Google Maps Distance Calculator

Google Maps Distance Calculator

Google Maps has become an incredible and popular website to go to for directions and distances from one place to the next!  Not only can you simple view a road map on Google Maps, but you can actually zoom in on a certain map and actually see a picture of where you need to go and what the location and the neighborhood around it looks like.  This technology is absolutely fantastic!

The Google Maps distance calculator will tell you the distance between two cities, and if you need to find the distances between three or four cities along your journey, you can do that as well with just a simple search!  The distance calculator that works with Google uses some incredible technology that is easy to maneuver, even for those of use who are not too computer friendly or savvy!

If you need to pinpoint your distance between tow or more points and you need to save your search for a later date in time, you can use the Advanced Google Maps distance calculator.  All you need to do with the advanced version is create your own user account, with a username and a password, and from there you will login and begin with your map search.  Once you have found the right driving route and the distance and length of time, you can then save your search. When you need to get your saved directions, just log back in to Google Maps, and pull it up!  This is an excellent feature for someone who is simply trying to plan their own trip and need to know where they need to go!

The distance calculator that Google Maps uses is a great resource for anyone who is trying to plan a trip or just need information on how to get from one place to the next!  You can save money on maps that you would usually buy, and you can save time that you would spend searching for a city on a map, anything helps when you are on a vacation right?  To get familiar with Google Maps and the distance calculator that is offered on the site, simply visit the site and do a little bit of exploring, once you think you have the hang of it, get started!  You can print out your directions or write them down, and get on your way, it is that simple!

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